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What others are saying about HCPA

Thank you all for all the help

I just wanted to thank you all for all the help you have given me through the years. I pray that I will find another great team of Drs and staff where I’m moving, Livingston, Montana. Thank you again and God bless each of you.
Carol M.

Thank you All!

I truly enjoy this whole practice-the staff, atmosphere and time spent are all wonderful. Thank you All!

You are all amazing!

I could not have made the trip to the Florida Keys last week without the team at Hill Country Pain.  Cannot imagine missing that trip to be with my kids!  Thank you.  You are all amazing!
Judy V


You are a GREAT doctor…

I will forever be grateful for all that you did for me in easing my pain.  You are a GREAT doctor but I also consider you my friend too.  If I was still driving, I would go to any clinic location that you were working. LOL  I am getting my pain pump refilled today and I just couldn’t leave without saying thank you for all that you do and please thank your wonderful staff.

Carol M


Thanks So Much!

It is a great feeling knowing I am not alone anymore in this fight against pain.  Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement.  What you did meant a lot.  Thanks So Much!

Theresa S


Keep up your great work!

Thank you for your help recently and with spine issues in the past.  Keep up your great work!  I will be praying for you and your staff.  Please pray for me too.  Thank you and in His love,

David A


I am grateful for your generous patience.

I want to thank you for your many months of effort to reduce my pain.  The pain has been reduced to bearable.  It still hurts but the VA doctors are still talking about what else can be done.  I am grateful for your generous patience.  I wish I could get to know you better under some other circumstances.  Thanks again from my heart.

Rod K


I can’t thank you enough!

Because of you I am so much better and basically pain free.  I can’t thank you enough!  May the Lord bless you and your family.

Sharon E


Thank you!

Long story short, I have had the flu, pneumonia, asthma, ext. I failed to call in for one of my prescriptions. When Donna returned my call, the same day, you and your staff had it ready!
Steven E

I feel confident in Doctor Murphy’s skills and abilities.

I know I have posted these type of comments before, but when you have medical issues requiring ongoing attention, it is only fair to post updates.

In my opinion and the opinion of my wife Jeanne, Doctor Bill Murphy is one of the best doctors in the United States. He is extremely professional, excellent in his skill level and in his people skills and bed side manner. He takes time to know his patients and “their medical issues” and their ability to relay them and understand his explanation of what his intended treatment plans are.

Unfortunately my wife has so many medical and pain issues, she may be on some type of pain meds the rest of her life.

But I feel confident in Doctor Murphy’s skills and abilities, and that he and I are going to work together to come up with a plan to eventually get me out and away from those darn meds { I hate taking pills – although the more I approach the mature living age kicking and screaming (I’m from the generation that will never get old…lol) it seems other doctors think the mature live is pills }

This first time I went in for injections for severe pain to my neck, shoulder and arm, Doctor Murphy found the exact spots and I was like a new man right away. When they wore off and came back with a vengeance the new first round didn’t work quite as well. Yesterday, he gave me round two and Thank You Very Much Doctor Murphy, I feel like a new man again in relation to the neck, shoulder and arm pain.

Of course I would be amiss, if I do not mention the wonderful staff of the Hill Country Pain Associates, they are all excellent, out standing, polite, helpful people who make you want to come there if you need this type of medical care.

For anyone requiring this type of medical care of attention; I would strongly recommend Doctor Bill Murphy and the staff of Hill County Pain Associates.
– Kenneth B. March 2014

Met with respectful, caring, compassionate, and unhurried staff

Dr. Bill Murphy and his practice have impressed me in a way that no other doctor’s office has. It is clear that he has taken special care to hand-pick his staff to the highest standards of the profession. It is remarkable that every time I have visited his office, I have been met with a respectful, caring, compassionate, and unhurried staff.  Dr. Murphy will take whatever time is necessary to meet your needs and he brings to you a calm self-assurance, clearly based on experience and knowledge that instantly earns your trust.

– Julie C July 2013

If it’s a Pain Management doctor you are seeking, for fixing whatever pain you have and has also the absolute best “bedside manners”, then your choice should be Dr. William Murphy of Hill Country Pain.

I have suffered, as many of you have, incredible back and neck pain. Trying to get out of bed, doing daily activities and just trying to make in from day-to-day was very challenging and disheartening to say the least. I’m not saying that I haven’t been seen by good physicians in the past, but Dr. Murphy stands head-and-shouders from anyone that I have ever experienced. He will sit down and explain to his patients, in an elementary but not demeaning manner, what he recommends. He makes the complex look easy. Today I feel as though I have been given a new lease on life because of his work. For that, I am most grateful. I would be remiss if I did not mention his phenomenal staff. They are very professional and will do everything in their power to work with you as a patient.

– David V July 2012

My fiance has been a patient here for almost a year now.

Dr. Vigil and his staff have always strived to meet Brenda’s needs when it comes to minimizing her suffering. Much Thanks!!!
– Steve 2014

The staff is courteous and helpful and I love PA Burgher.

Both of my visits here have been positive experiences.
Cindy L.

Very Professional

Entire Staff is very professional and positive! Gwen is always extremely helpful.
Rod M.

Dr. Vigil, It was a great and smooth visit today!

Robin R.

Someone Listened

Thank goodness someone listened to me At Last!
Virginia Q

Everything was Great!

Everything was great and everyone was very accommodating and extremely nice.
Sharon R

Best Clinic

It is the best Clinic. Everyone treats me as family. I love PA Nancy.

I don’t enjoy doctors!

I really don’t enjoy doctors because I spend so much time at their offices, but you all are the exception. I came in and Gwen always has a smile on her face and a sweet disposition. But you don’t wait in the lobby for too long withch is great and PA Burgher listens to your concerns and is empathetic and knowledgeable. Long story short, If I have to come to the doctor I will come here. Staff, nurses and Doctors are all cream of the crop. Thanks for the great care!
Margaret H

Very Informative

Dr. Murphy was very informative and professional.
Don K

Very Happy

I was very happy with the visit with Dr. Murphy today like always.
Roland L

Love this Place

I love this place and the staff (all of them) are very nice and compassionate and understanding. You never feel like you’re being rushed out. They make sure that you understand everything. Great!!!
Gay N

My Fiancé

My fiancé has been a patient here for almost a year now. Dr. Vigil and his staff have always strived to meet Brenda’s needs when it comes to minimizing her suffering. Much Thanks!

Very Courteous

I have always found that the staff have been courteous, compassionate and caring every apt. I would and do recommend them everywhere I go!

Thank you again

Thank you again for giving me another year to enjoy my family, my grandchildren, and my life. Without your care and willingness to continue to work with me, my life would not be worth living as it is today. You and your staff are awesome and I just want you to know that.

Carol W

Thank you!

Since I started seeing Dr. Vigil for my back, I can sleep at night and I have gone back to work every day without any pain at all. He is the doctor for me.

Albert B.