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Surgical Treatments

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Surgical Treatments

For those patients who continue to have pain despite the use of non-surgical or injection therapies, there are other options which include pain pump treatment and spinal cord stimulation. Pump therapy allows the infusion of medication into the spine at exceptionally low doses as compared to oral medicine or intravenous medicine such that the patient has less pain with fewer side effects due to the medications. Spinal cord stimulation and peripheral field stimulation allow management of pain with pulses of electrical energy placed appropriately into the nervous system to reduce pain and improve function. Your pain management specialist can decide which of these therapies would be most appropriate for your care.

Implantation of Intrathecal Catheters and Infusion Pumps

Implantation of Spinal Cord Stimulators

If you and your provider at Hill Country Pain decide that a spinal cord stimulator (SCS) will be a good treatment option for your pain relief, there is a device from Medtronic that offers many benefits. The Intellis neurostimulator is currently the world’s smallest implantable device of it’s kind, and offers important patient benefits, including optimizing treatment and improving patient-physician communication by tracking and sharing daily activities, body positions, and therapy usage and giving physicians an objective look at mobility and progress. The battery on the Intellis can be recharged from empty to full in approximately one hour. There is also a benefit to the patient who needs to utilize MRI diagnostic imaging, as the Intellis allows the broadest access available. Learn more at