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Regenerative Cell Therapy

Categories: News and Updates

Hill Country Pain now offers Regenerative Cell Therapy!

At Hill Country Pain, we take pride in being able to find the best therapy or combination of treatments to help our patients. Overuse and sports/work injuries may lead to painful and/or degenerative conditions which we treat with rest, physical therapy, medications, injections and other conservative measures. We use anti-inflammatory medications by mouth or if necessary through injections into the affected area of concern. Cortisone or steroid medications may be necessary. Ultimately, patients may continue to suffer and seek relief from surgery to remove painful tissue or even replace the degenerative joints with an artificial joint or an implant.

Regenerative therapy is a new way to treat these injuries and degenerative conditions. Anti-inflammatory treatment with steroids is generally temporary and excessive use can be harmful. Surgical resection of tissue is an irreversible process and may lead to more rapid progression of the degenerative process. Surgery may not be an option for the patient or might be considered a “last choice” remedy.