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Does my insurance cover pain management?

Yes.  Pain management is covered by insurance and may need a referral if your insurance plan requires it.

Where do I have my records faxed?

Our new patient fax line is 210-582-6601

Our clinical fax line for established patients is 210-447-6341

When is the doctor in New Braunfels and Fredericksburg?

Dr. Murphy is at our New Braunfels clinic every Thursday and every other Tuesday.

Dr. Vigil is at our Fredericksburg clinic every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Why do I sometimes see the Physician Assistant?

Our doctors and physician assistants work together as a team, hand and hand, to provide your medical care. The physician assistant is trained by your doctor to monitor, assess, and treat your pain problem under protocols set by your doctor. This improves quality of care as we are able to see you more quickly and efficiently

How much is my visit going to cost with insurance?

The amount you pay for treatments will be based on your policy’s copay, deductible, and coinsurance.  Reviewing this information with your insurance company will be helpful to answer this question. We will do our best to assist you.

Someone from your office called and did not leave a message?

We may not leave you a message in the following situations:

Your voicemail is not set up and does not state your name.

Your voicemail is full.

An automated call is sent out as an appointment reminder.

Why is there a wait time for my appointment?

Our schedulers allot the appropriate amount of time for each appointment yet each patient has different needs.  Sometimes, there are medical needs that may result in a longer wait than usual.  We work to stay on task and ask for your patience and understanding.

How much notice do you need to cancel my appointment?

24 hours is the minimum amount of time you may cancel to avoid a fee.

Can I find out when my appointment is scheduled online?

Yes! Send us your email address with a portal request through our Contact Us link.  We will reply with a secure code and link to the patient portal where you can check on your appointments, prescriptions and more.

Do I have to fill out paperwork at every visit?

Yes. The paperwork that you are given at each visit helps our provider assess any changes in your health at each visit.

Why is my prescription not at the pharmacy?

Prescription refills are processed in 30 day periods.  Check the date on your medication bottle to see when the next prescription will be available.  For concerns, please leave a message on the prescription refill line 210-582-6603.

Can I get my prescription early because I am going out of town?

Please prepare for your travel accordingly and talk to your physician.  If you’re traveling within the country, you may find that an override will not be issued because you can easily get the prescription transferred to a pharmacy in the area of your destination. Even if your doctor allows any early refill, your insurance company may deny payment.

Do I need a police report if my medication is lost or stolen?

Yes.  It is required for medication record keeping and monitoring.

When can I drive after my procedure?

You may resume driving 24 hours after your procedure.

Can I use a taxi, Uber or bus after my procedure?

Not unless you have someone accompanying you.  It is unsafe to utilize these services on your own after a procedure.

If I don’t have sedation can I drive home?

No. There might be other symptoms that affect your driving.

How long do I have to be in the recovery room after my procedure?

Our patients may stay a minimum of 30 minutes, but will remain in recovery until cleared by their physician.

Am I going to be asleep during my procedure?

The purpose of sedation is to help you relax and minimize discomfort and anxiety during a procedure. You may be somewhat awake or lightly asleep, but you should be easily awakened during the procedure.

When can I go back to work after my procedure?

Most patients return to normal activities the next day unless directed by your physician.

May I drink water the day of my procedure?

Yes, but not within the last 2 hours before the procedure.

Do my blood thinners have to be stopped for a full 7 days before my procedure (including baby aspirin)?

Review your medications with your provider when you schedule a procedure to be sure. Some blood thinners are stopped for 3 days, others 4 days, and some 7 days.

What are some tips on locating your clinics?

San Antonio, TX:

At the crossroads of Hwy 281 and Winding Way Dr. in a 3 story brown brick building. We are between San Pedro Presbyterian Church and Abiding Presence Lutheran Church.

New Braunfels, TX:

A limestone, one story building, across the street from Landa Place Apartments.

Fredericksburg, TX:

Between Subway Sandwich restaurant and Lemon Tree Cleaners, across the street from HCM Hospital.